PIP guide or background

Several other free and pay apps have the ability to show the guide and either have current channel in corner live, audio of current channel or the guide covers up current channel overlay but still see what’s going on. Or more of 3-4 channels up/down scrolling ability without going back to full guide? among choices. Sony I can at least press down and change a channels among live from currently what’s on.
And 2 tuner gen4 can you know what other tuner is on if not “recording” a show, being able to flip/flop channels? DTV when I installed you could grab and keep a tuner assigned thru menus.


This feature is somewhat supported in the Android/FireOS version. There is no guide or grid, but a list of what else is on, even when watching a recording. If you’re watching one channel live, you can even see what’s coming up on that channel.

Sadly, there is nothing close to this on the Roku app.

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