Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Please add Picture-in-Picture. This is a common feature of multi tuner devices and is great when watching sports.

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You can do it on a PC easily. Just launch two browsers, connect to your Tablo on each, and then watch different shows / recordings. If you connect your computer to a TV set directly, you could do it on there.

Since the Tablo is a server and not a device directly connected to a TV set like a traditional DVR, I don’t see any other way to get PIP working on a TV. You can’t launch WatchESPN (or any other app) multiple times on a Roku/FireTV/AndroidTv/AppleTv/Chromecast, to have multiple sports going on, and it is the same thing with a Tablo.

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@snowcat Thanks for the suggestion! I’d still like to see the feature in Tablo, but at least I have an alternative.

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You’re welcome. I just can’t remember if you can adjust the audio so that one screen has sound and the other doesn’t.

@snowcat I have have found that the mute button from the web app is independent of the operating system and I can mute one or the other without losing sound all together.


I second the request for PIP

Is this an active issue at Tablo development? I’m use Tablo, on an Apple iPad Pro 12", away from my home wifi, with great success, and would love to see this feature implemented.

I could see PIP being problematic just because there are many that have trouble with just one viewing stream…

I think the feature is interesting, but maybe not on Tablo version 1.
(where’s that device with 8 tuners?)

I would love this feature…

As someone that currently watches it through their smartTv and AppleTv, I think this feature is a necessity. We would really love to see this feature added in the next update.

I would be absolutely shocked if it were ever implemented on the Tablo for a TV streaming device. Besides the changing of the Tablo interface on each streaming device (which takes months if not years to change), most streaming devices likely can’t handle two streams of data.

How about providing, then, the ability to watch the stream while being able to view the guide? That way one does not have to close out the stream to hunt for another one.

If you check out this form - you will see that a lot of folks that are having serious problems with just ONE stream! My set up for antenna and LAN are strong and have worked with the Tablo for almost 2 yrs, but I am sure it would not handle 2 streams. Dream on

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