Phone going into sleep mode with Chrome app - Android

Hello all, I’m wondering how to prevent my Moto X (Android 4.4.2) from going into sleep mode while watching Tablo in the Chrome app? Any help is greatly appreciated!  :smiley:


I can confirm my Moto X goes to sleep while playing Tablo video in Chrome.

@cedarrapidsboy I found a workaround to this issue, download KeepScreen from the Google play store. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post external links but search for it and it’s easy to set up and it works great.

I actually tested this lately and it looks like it got fixed on my Galaxy S5, can anyone else confirm???

@Jestep  I was just looking for this thread! We’ve had some progress with this. If anyone else can test this to confirm, that’d be great :slight_smile: cc: @Barbz