Phantom Show Thumbnail - Roku

How do I clear a phantom show thumbnail (meaning it appears as though there’s a show, but nothing is recorded)? It shows up in the Roku app. There’s only one, but it’s just annoying. I also use Tablo on my iPhone and iPad, but the phantom thumbnail only appears on Roku.

This sounds like the old problem that was introduced somewhere around 2.2.20. The orphan show with no recordings appeared on Roku but not browser.

I only got mine to disappear by actually recording a show and then deleting it.

Yeah, I was hoping I could fix mine the same way. But the particular show (The Amazing Race) isn’t being aired currently. I can’t even grab a rerun.

If I remember correctly I had a number of these that actually didn’t show up as empty in the recording section until I actually scheduled an episode to record.

Maybe support can clear up the tablo database. There could be others that are hidden.

The solution ended up being to factory reset my Tablo. Not very difficult. The only pain is having to add back the scheduled recordings, and not all of the shows we watch are listed, so I’ll just have to add them back as they show up.