Performance of PC app

I was experiencing unacceptable performance with the Tablo app on an older PC. It worked very well on my new PC. I was getting busy circles and it wasn’t useable. I tried to use task manager to identify the problem. I finally fixed it by disabling MS onedrive. Now TABLO works flawlessly!

Maybe one day Tablo will get acquired and become part of of “365”. Then, when things don’t work, instead of complaining, we’ll just shower Tablo with money (?).


By “PC app” and “Taboo app” you are referring to the specific windows tablo app? not the browser based web app?

I am referring to the browser based web app

I am using Chrome

Is it a bit mis-leading “Performance of PC app” as there is no issue with the web app at all.

You had an issue with your MS based application for OneDrive? Not particularly with an older PC either?

I use the web app on a PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6600 (nearly an antique) and it plays video with out issue.

I concede the point - my other hardware are two Roku units vs. two Dell PCs running Windows 10. To be precise they are PCs running the browser based app.

When I first entered the new topic it wouldn’t let me use “Performance” as a topic title, I quickly added “of PC app”. I should have titled it “Performance of browser based app”.

Some additional info. The problem I was having with was buffering. The video would show a busy circle and stutter and stop. I could see on the “progress bar” that buffering stopped. The PC is a DELL XPS 600 purchased in 2006. It doesn’t have WIFI so it’s hard wired to my modem with ethernet cable. Is there a better fix other than removing onedrive? I still get busy circles. I don’t want to go to a lower video resolution. I’m using HD 720 - 3 Mbps now. I’m using this PC to view tablo and movies via Amazon prime while I use the newer laptop to do other things. If this bad performance continues, I’ll either just live with it or trash the PC.

Consider another OS?

I have a third PC and I tried running Linux mint on it. Interesting but I switched it to Windows 10. I’m running 10 on all four of my machines now.

I went back to Chrome and looked at all the extensions. Chrome’s task manager showed Grammerly was using a lot of resources. I dropped it from Chrome and now tablotv is running beautifully!

Thank you for responding to my posts. I guess I needed to bounce this issue around with someone to fix the issue. THANK YOU!


If it suits your needs, leave well enough alone. If the vast majority of your PC use in web/browser use, once launched you see little difference besides the life it can bring to antique computer and the performance from newer ones.

It’s not always one is better than the other (even though it is :wink:) it what works best for your. I’ve used Mint in the early days, it’s well polished and has the look and feel closely to MS Windows as to flatten the learning curve.