Performance Issue with Roku 3

I’m having very slow performance issues with the Tablo app on my Roku3. Tablo (2 Tuner) is at FW 2.2.6 and my Roku 3’s (I have three) are at FW 6.2. Brining up a list of recordings takes seconds on my iPhone 5 or my laptop, but on any of my Roku 3’s it takes over 60 seconds to load. Then once I select a show it can take another 20 - 30 seconds to load the episode list. It even takes a good 20 - 30 seconds to load the live channels. My Tablo and Rokus are all hardwired directly to a GigE switch/router.

Anyone else seeing similar performance problems? Any suggestions?

And you might notice that when compared to the 2.1.x firmware the load time is increased when a tuner is in use.

Yes, seeing the exact same thing, and No, I haven’t found anything that improves the performance (I have a 4-tuner btw). If you have a Fire TV or Android TV box, those still work as normal.
Which Roku app are you using - the older “supported” app or the Preview? I have found that the Preview does load the Recordings page, and subsequent selected recording much faster than the official supported app, but the Preview is still much slower than it used to be, and is slower than the official app to resume play after FFW.
Good luck!

How do you get the Tablo beta app for Roku? I looked and only saw one Tablo app on the channel store. I am certain I am using the supported app.

Use the following URL, then page down to the “Getting Started” section and follow the instruction.

Thanks! I got new roku app and it’s much faster!