Per Family Member user profile?

I’m retired and most of the time I’m tinkering in my computer room. My wife and I watch the same recording. When I watch a recording in the morning in the morning and does not complete watching, and my wife watches the same recording in the afternoon, sometimes she picks up where I left off! That is annoying for her. Can Tablo provide a way of having a user profile just in the Tablo device so that it will be like Netflix so that a family member can continue where he/she paused the recording?

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It can be a wish list item… but tablo has been going for 6+ years now with no user profiles.

We struggled with the same issue for a couple years.
Ended up buying a 2nd Tablo.

This solved 2 issues:

  1. Each Tablo remembers where their user left off.
  2. My Tablo doesn’t run out of disk space. :slight_smile:

I’d like to second this.

We are six adults sharing a house. To allow us all to have our own profile would make targeted advertisements in the streaming channels more accurate, so it seems logical for Tablo to do.

Of course it’s the suggested shows that make me want it, but perhaps the better targeted ads is why Tablo would want to.

how do you do targeted ads with ATSC 1.0? And if you don’t use/select any FAST channels what then.

It’s the FAST channels where I think they are doing targeted ads.