PC TV Tuner Card

I have a spare PC just sitting in a room. I read a post about using a PC TV tuner card to diagnose signal strength. I don’t think I need this but I am wondering if those of you who have them, enjoy them. Looks like you can record using them but I cannot understand why you would want to do this when your Tablo records more than you could possibly watch (maybe when you have conflicts?).

Looks like Hauppage makes a number of popular cards. Is Hauppage the winner? Is the USB version better than PCI/PCI Express?

Do you use the remote? Do you use the Card for live viewing? Once recorded, can I just watch from anywhere on my network (assuming I saved to a shareable drive)?

Or, since the PC monitor has multiple input ports, am I better off just buying another Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc and stream using the Tablo app? Looks like a PC TV tuner card is $75 and up versus a set top box for less.

I have a Hauppage WinTV 950Q Hybrid TV Stick that I no longer need. If you’re in the US, I’ll make you a great deal on it. It works with Windows Media Center. I don’t have the Hauppage software. PM me if you’re interested.

Maybe. But I wanted to hear from those who used them and what experiences they had.

TABLO Tuners are weak…