PC HD instead of External HD

Thinking of getting a Tablo but want to use the HD space on my PC. Is this possible. Do I simply connect USB port on Tablo to USB port on my PC? Thanks

It’s impossible to do what you want to do. The Tablo DVR needs its own dedicated hard disk drive.

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Firstly, no you can’t do this. Tablo uses a Unix-format HDD, your PC most likely (based on your question) is a Windows-based PC, so different disk formats.

Secondly, USB ports don’t work that way. You would need an OTG-capable port on the PC (I believe, I may be thinking with my brain that’s on the seat cushion here.) and even then the Tablo isn’t setup to work with that.

I could go on, but the first response already covered it with sufficient clarity and brevity.

And don’t think about using an external disk and moving it between the PC and the Tablo. That doesn’t work either.

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