PC App not finding Tablo

Can anyone get the 4th gen Tablo App to work on the PC.
I open the app and it asks me to rescan. I do and it flashes and spins for 1/2 a second then askes me to rescan.

I have tried with wify by un plugging the wire. and I can find the tablo server. and it connects. but cant go then nothing.

Never this less I want to use the wire on the TV. that works find. and the Phone apps work fine.

Please help

I’m sorry to tell you, but the 4th gen uses a different app than previous models and will not work with the PC app.

For now, you’ll only be able to access the white round 4th gen using AndroidTV, GoogleTV, FireTV, Android mobile, iOS, and Roku.

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Thanks. do we know if Tablo have any plains to get a PC app?

No plans at this time, but I wouldn’t say never.

I do use the Windows app a lot on legacy Tablos.

I wonder if an Android emulator running under Windows would work?

Good question. I’ve wonderrd the same thing about FydeOS or ChromeOS.

Many PC’s and laptop have HDMI connectors. I’m waiting for someone to take a STB and connect it and report if it works.

Same issue here… The only way for me to make it work is install an android emulator called BLUESTACKS. Then install Tablo to it, and it becomes like an icon on your desktop like a virtual machine. It works wonderfully, and it can also record the screen too… Although I prefer OBD for screen recording. I know it is not perfect, but at least there is a way or maybe a work around.