Pc and phone not finding my Tablo now on any browser

My Tablo all of the sudden cannot be found by any browser or my phone. Earlier in day I could access via Firefox and phone, now nothing at all. Keeps telling me to check internet connection. That is all working fine. Needless to say I am hoppin’ mad and very upset with Tablo service kicking the can down the road and not addressing issues. I am paying to access schedules online, but now can’t access anything. Grrrr! Anyone else having this issue?

Same here.

Access via the web browser stopped working several days ago but the Windows app continued to work until today. Now, when I need it to work to show the Superbowl in the kitchen, the Windows app cannot connect from any device.

The FireTV and GoogleTV apps are connecting fine, but I don’t have those devices where I need to be able to display the game.

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The Android app is working for me. The Chrome OS app is failing to connect like the Windows app.

I am also having the same problem. I cannot connect though the PC.

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Firefox is back working again.

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I mentioned in a different thread, neither browser (and I have the requisite config changes) would work pre-Superbowl, and I’m OG Tablo. Watched the Superbowl using Tablo on Roku, worked fine.

After the Superbowl, I checked again and was able to use both Chrome and Firefox with my Tablos.

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