PBS channels misidentified in ZIP code 92614


These 3 channels (50-1, 50-2, 50-4) are actually PBS channels. Due to this error in Tablo guide, I cannot record shows on these channels.

I have created a ticket and Tablo connected to my Tablo to troubleshoot. However, there is no response or fix so far.

If you DM your ticket number or email address I can check on the status for you.

I know this is somewhat of a hassle and temporary but if you know the times of what you want to record you can always create manual recordings in the meantime until the guide information is corrected.

I do not know the times. But if I did, how do I record the shows in advance for those times? Thanks.

I sent you my ticket #. Thanks.

I believe in most of the apps (I’m using the Windows 10 app right at this moment) you can go to the Scheduled screen and there is a + in the upper right of it and clicking it will allow you to schedule a manual recording.

Here are more specifics based on the device/app…

Chapter 8 - Manual Recordings – Tablo (tablotv.com)

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Got it. Thanks.

Try titantv.com to get the broadcast schedule.