PBS channels misidentified in ZIP code 92614


These 3 channels (50-1, 50-2, 50-4) are actually PBS channels. Due to this error in Tablo guide, I cannot record shows on these channels.

I have created a ticket and Tablo connected to my Tablo to troubleshoot. However, there is no response or fix so far.

If you DM your ticket number or email address I can check on the status for you.

I know this is somewhat of a hassle and temporary but if you know the times of what you want to record you can always create manual recordings in the meantime until the guide information is corrected.

I do not know the times. But if I did, how do I record the shows in advance for those times? Thanks.

I sent you my ticket #. Thanks.

I believe in most of the apps (I’m using the Windows 10 app right at this moment) you can go to the Scheduled screen and there is a + in the upper right of it and clicking it will allow you to schedule a manual recording.

Here are more specifics based on the device/app…

Chapter 8 - Manual Recordings – Tablo (tablotv.com)

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Got it. Thanks.

Try titantv.com to get the broadcast schedule.

I’m having the same problem, does it ever got resolved? If so, what is the fix?

It was resolved for the PBS channels 50-*. However, channel 13 is still showing as MNT - it should be KCOP (I think). However, I have not tried to refresh the channel lineup recently. It may get resolved now. Try refreshing your channels and see if it gets resolved.

I did re-scanned the channels and the pbs channels show up correctly. However, when I saved the listing, they show up incorrectly…just like yours. My channel 13 also shows up as MNT. I didn’t pay much attention to that one since I don’t really watch that channel.

So how did you fix the pbs channels? Just re-scan? Or Tablo support helps you fixed it?

Did you delete the channels before the re-scan and let the guide update remove entries from the guide? And then do the re-scan and add channels.

Watch out for manual and record-once scheduling that might disappear.

I don’t remember for sure but I may have deleted the channels first and added them back.

So I deleted all the channels except 1. Saved and wait for the guide to update. Then go back in and re-scan. Channel 50-1 (PBS-HD), 50-2 (PBS-2), and 50-4 (PBSwrld) are all correct. Saved. Now those channels changed to 50-1 (MNT), 50-2 (GRIT), and 50-4 (COURT). With that, the guide info for those channels are incorrect.

It seems that it has something to do with the incorrect guide database. But if that’s the case, then a lot more people should be affected. :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:

I lost PBS 8-1,8-2,8-3, zip 85305
Channel scan does not get 50-1,-2,or -3, anyone else in Glendale Az with any solution?

I’m in the east valley and I’m still receiving solid signals for the PBS stations right now so it must be something in your setup. I don’t pick up 50.