PBS Channel 13-1

So October 30s I had two shows not record on PBS due to weak signal. Tried a rescan tonight, now the channel is completely missing? I haven’t moved my antenna since initial set up couple years ago and this was my first re-scan. Could this be temporary, maybe weather related? Couldn’t find online info about the channel having issues…
Any tips anyone?

Since no knows location or what 13-1 channel you are talking about Or what type of antenna and/or if it has an amplifier.

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possibly, it’s one of the many variables.

the-usual, they usually don’t talk/post about problems. Or at least not until it’s resolved.

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I could be as simple as the station reducing power as the transmitter is being worked on.

But without any information about the exact location and station everything is just a guess.

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Make sure you check their website and social media. It’s likely already posted there if they are doing work.

It’s common to reduce power for a number of reasons. For instance when work is done on a tower it’s often not safe for technicians if full power is used. They may not even be working on the same transmitter or antenna because tower space is commonly shared. Other issues include when working on the main antenna the backup will be at a lower elevation.

In the meantime don’t forget many of their programs are available online.