Paypal Payment for guide

Will I be able to pay for the guide after free trial with Paypal, like I did when buying Tablo?

Sorry, our payment processor for subscriptions does not allow the use of Paypal for recurring payments.

Was going to be for a year. Do you accept Discover?

Yes, I believe we are able to process that card type.

Searching only brought up 7 year old posts, so to confirm if you have multiple Tablo’s you only need one subscription correct?

No. Your Tablo can only be tied to a single DVR at one time unless your TV Guide Data Service subscription account was created prior to March 7, 2019.

Every page on has a search box - Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo - can lead you to: Welcome to the Tablo Knowledge Base where you can find a whole bunch of stuff.