Pausing, stopping and resuming don't work right with recordings

Every time I push pause, it doesn’t work. It flickers like I pushed the pause button twice (pauses then immediately plays). Not only that, but whenever I stop a recording, it never resumes, it always starts from the beginning. There are 2 different ways I stop a recording: I either push Android’s back button or I disconnect the casting.
I have a Dual LITE and I cast to a Chromecast through the app on my Android phone (which is up to date). I tried looking the knowledge base as well as this forum for “pausing” but nothing that seems to have anything to do w/troubleshooting.

I called the support line and it seems it’s a known issue w/Chromecast. No anticipated date of a bugfix.

I wonder if this is an issue with the “original” Chromecast devices. I say this because I have never used one of the original Chromecasts but we have not encountered this issue with either Chromecast with Google TV that we purchased several months ago.

The OG Chromecasts don’t work in the same way as the ‘new’ Chromecasts. There is no ‘casting’ with them as they function like a traditional streaming stick.

Not sure when I bought mine, but it was well over 5 years ago. It’s been pretty stable ever since and this is easily the biggest problem I’ve had w/it. My Android devices think they are “casting” though.

Exactly. I was trying not to delve too deep into the technical differences but I should have expanded a bit probably.

The OG Chromecast experience with the Tablo app and casting isn’t the greatest experience from what I can tell from other posts. Since the new direction with Chromecasts appears to be the Google TV experience and the ability to use Android TV apps, which really makes the Chromecast more akin to a low-end Shield TV than the Chromecasts of old, makes sense you probably wouldn’t spend a ton of resources on the old devices.

All that to say, seems like potentially the easiest long-term solution for @Ultima might be to get the new Chromecast with Google TV because we use the Tablo app on them daily and don’t have this issue. That, or look at another playback device (i.e. Roku, etc.) but for $50 the Chromecast with Google TV is a great experience for us.

Actually, I was about to post somewhere else if there’s a Kodi app that can be cast to or maybe something on an Android box, so I can use exiting h/w. I did find 1 Kodi app, but I think I found it was no longer maintained.

We do have an app for Android TV devices.

If you want to have a great experience, check out our list of suggested devices:

Please also note that an “Android box” doesn’t mean it runs Android TV or Google TV. Please explicitly confirm it runs one of those operating systems and not just regular Android OS, or again your Tablo experience will be hindered.

My understanding of “Android Box” is gizmos like this: I have 2 like that.
Nothing on Kodi then?

Those are just Android boxes, I quote “Loaded with amazing features and running on Android 5.1 Lollipop with a quad-core processor”.

They are not Android TV or Google TV boxes. You can try the Tablo app on them, but I have a feeling it won’t run well.

If you want to stick to the Chromecast line but also want to be able to use Kodi, I would just go with the Chromecast with Google TV. The support for almost every other Android TV/Google TV device besides the NVIDIA Shield TV is abysmal. And I run the Kodi app on our Chromecast with Google TV to access our movie library on a NAS with no problem.

Your are just making a fundamental shift, as Google has with the new Chromecast with Google TV, from basically just a piece of hardware plugged into your TV that receives basic information from an app and uses the cast functionality to put the content on your TV/speakers to a device that is actually running the Google TV OS on the hardware itself so therefore can install apps but happens to support the cast functionality as well.

If you went that direction rather than trying to cast from the Tablo app I’d just install the Tablo app on the Chromecast itself and I think you will have a much better experience.