Pausing randomly during playback

Playback of recorded programs is pausing a lot lately.
I haven’t changed anything on the network.
The only change is the firmware update (july 2020).
It happens on both my apple TV (3rd gen) which is hardwired into a mesh router that connects to the main router wirelessly.
It also happens on the roku express (wireless, 2.4ghz).
I did wifi speed tests on both devices and it’s showing anywhere from 450-600mbps.
The internet speediest shows 90+mbps.

Any ideas here?

pausing vs buffering?

Search results for: buffering

Sorry. Buffering. The wheel spins

What recording quality are you using? Sometimes when you lower it a step, it seems to help.
I know when it’s summer with all the leaves on the trees, I have to lower mine.

Is there any way to wire it directly to the main router to confirm Wi-Fi isn’t part of the problem?

Don’t hesitate to send our team a ticket if you’d like us to take a look.

HD 720-3 Mbps

Was working fine until firmware update.

Can’t wire directly into router. If I did I’d have to use a different antenna and I think that would skew results.