Pausing program causes SiriusXM app to play

I have the SiriusXM app on my FireTV Stick, with the option to play during pause turned off. If I pause a Tablo program (live or recorded), the SiriusXM app starts playing (extremely loudly because volume is turned up for Tablo). Quite often, pushing play does NOT stop the music. I have to exit Tablo and play another app to get it to stop.

This only happens in the Tablo app

Hi buddy, am facing same issue at my end. Don’t know it’s bug/glitch or some wrong at my end. Did you get any way out yet?

Connie R. Lawson

Hey @tonav59988 & @SKSnell - One or two other folks have mentioned something similar happening with the Amazon Music app.

Our team found this thread on Reddit that seemed similar as well but on other video apps:

Their solution was:

The only solution I’ve found that consistently works is to use the Dpad to resume playback instead of the play/pause button.

Can you give this a shot and see if it works for you as well?

What is a Dpad?


In your case I think it is the circle…

Have the same issue, hit pause and music from XM starts to play. With me, rehitting pause does take me back to program with no music, hitting d-pad? takes me back to program but with music still playing.