Pausing problem

Does anyone else see a problem when trying to pause a show? I will start watching the show, then (of course) something demands my attention so I hit pause and nothing happens. It seems to take 2-3 minutes before I can pause a live show.

You may not realize how vague and generalized your question is - Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices show the options for users

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No, my favorite method has no issue pausing a show.

Okay, so as soon as you start watching a live tv show you can pause it, no delay?

I looked at your link, it shows compatible devices, but it doesn’t talk about options in any detail.


Are there differences between supported features on different devices? offers minimal.

I’ve asked repeatably for information between the differences, as some devices list


  • Access to most Tablo screens and features

while others list


  • Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

Would I want “most/all” screen? and how do I decide if I want features over filters??

I presume it’s just ad marketing.

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Okay, so whatever device you use allows instant pause, apparently this is not a feature on Apple TV.

I can understand differences between devices. In my past I created software to link personal computers to cash registers. My favorite PC to use was the Apple // because you could do anything with it, the software allowed a lot of configuration. Microsoft PC’s were less friendly and required a lot of work arounds, some of which would be shut down with the next release.

I’m sure they have the same problem with a lack of consistency between devices. It would be nice if they published a device-specific document about what can/cannot be done. But manuals have gone the way of the Pelycosaurs, everyone assumes their software is intuitive and does not require instructions…either that or they’re just lazy.

I typically use Roku to access my Tablo and it does not suffer from what you describe. My daughter has an AppleTV but does not often use Tablo but I just tested on her AppleTV and I am seeing the same behavior you are seeing. At one point I got the pause/un-pause to work instantaneously but that was the exception. I can best describe the AppleTV experience as “wonky”.

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Thanks. Good to know it’s not just my setup.

Every page has a search box Search results for: apple tv

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Yes, I’ve been to those pages. The first two are promo pages for the device, the last one just shows update information. Far from user manuals. If none of this explains how to operate your device, maybe you’re using the wrong device.

I know how to operate the device, the problem, as verified by another user, is that the software isn’t working as it should.

I’m guessing you’re from after the days of real user manuals that explained how the software is expected to work - in great detail. More than just “slide down to…”

:rofl: :grin: :laughing: “from the days” before they looked like this :floppy_disk: I’d put the large square disk in the slot and wait until it was done grinding away… then I’d take it out and put in a different one - unless I was fortunate enough to be using one with 2 slots. “Manuals” gave general specifics and you had to decide practical application to make sense of it. Then “user friendly” came along and got in the way at times.

as it should or how you want it to. It “works” that way on your’s and another, perhaps by design (good or bad) due to limitations - possibility.

:poop: I"m guessing you’re from - “OK, boomer”. :poop:

tvOS does not allow us to enable pause for ~60 seconds on playlists that are open-ended (i.e. live or in-progress recordings) so what you’re seeing is normal.

When it was previously reported we investigated and there didn’t seem to be a workaround.

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Okay, I can live with that, knowing it is a software limitation. Many thanks.