Pausing LIVE TV is useless

This just came out of nowhere. My wife and I often like to watch TV in one room and then move to another room to finish watching the live broadcast. So I’ll pause it and go to the other room where it is LIVE with no ability to RW, nothing in the buffer. Now pausing LIVE TV is useless.
I tried rebooting and unplugging/replugging the HD to no avail.

[ Using Roku for streaming and Tablo is hardwired to antenna, if that info helps… ]

I think what you need to do is record the program, even if you set it before changing rooms. It should remember your spot where you stopped watching.

This may not be the perfect solution for you. I don’t watch TV this way, so maybe someone else has a better idea.

I only have 1 Roku so I started a Live TV session and paused it after a few minutes, then I went to my PC and started Live TV on the same channel. The rewind worked ok.

Have you restarted your Rokus? I assume the channel you’re watching is flashing red on the Live TV screen?