Pause scheduled recording

It would be nice if you could pause/disable scheduled recordings.

Use case: If you use “manual recordings” a lot you will notice that if you delete a scheduled recording entry and re-create it (with the same name), it will create a new tree of recordings (with the same name) with the latest recordings – effectively looking like a “duplicate” but actually containing the shows since you re-created the scheduled recordings.

It would be nice to preserve the manual recording entry but put it on “hiatus” (for example if you go on vacation and don’t mind missing shows because you don’t want the older shows to auto-delete -OR- season has ended and just showing re-runs until new season starts).

This way you can keep all the recordings together under the same entry in the schedule.

Of course, it would need to have a noticeable flag or indicator that the scheduled recording entry is “paused.”

@tablotester - It is possible to do this within the scheduled screen. Click on your manual recording in the scheduled section and toggle the recording indicator. This way you can turn it on & off without creating a new entry.

It’s not very obvious that clicking on “record all episodes” actually stops recording episodes, though it does work.

It doesn’t look like you can do that with subscriber scheduled programs. You have three choices: record new, record all, or delete schedule. You have to hit delete schedule if you want to stop recording that program, but then it goes away completely from your scheduled list.

It’s actually a click on the ‘Rec Button’. When something is scheduled you see these options:

So you have an option to ‘remove schedule’ vs. ‘delete’ which is at the bottom.

You are correct. What is interesting is that clicking on either “record all episodes” or “remove schedule” works for stopping (but not deleting) manual recordings.

@TabloTV, thanks for the followup.

It simply is not clear from the UI what the distinction is between “Delete” and “Remove Schedule” … in this case I did not want to experiment too much and lose the connection to a set of scheduled recordings (i.e., as I said above, when you delete a schedule and recreate it, even if named the same, it creates another new “tree” of scheduled recordings with the same name as the deleted one).

So thank you for clearing that up!

No problemo. Happy to help :slight_smile:

@TabloTV, one other thing (related to manual recording).

It would be really nice if rescanning/saving channels did not wipe out the schedule; i.e., allow the schedule to persist beyond resaving of channels.

I understand that the channel lineup could change; or even that the user might move and bring the Tablo into a different “market” but it is truly annoying for us “manual recorders” to have reschedule every single program just because we rescanned and saved – for example if we upgraded our antenna setup.

Even if the channel names/numbers changed, it is still nice to have the same “branches” of the recording tree preserved so that you don’t create duplicates of each program name that you have to recreate after resaving the scan. That way a simple manual edit of the scheduled item can be used to update it and maintain consistency with the previous episodes already recorded.

Thank you

@tablotester - This was actually fixed in the 2.2.2 update so manual recordings are maintained during channel scans.

@TabloTV, now that is really good news!

(Excuse me for not “testing” for that … the risk is losing the entire schedule and the placeholders for recordings, causing duplicate entries when they get re-created).

Thank you

You’re welcome! Glad we’ve got that fixed up for you moving forward.