Password method for streaming outside of LAN?

I absolutely love the Tablo but the current system to pair devices is kind of fragile.
A “key” seems to be stored on the target device, so reinstalling the Tablo App will unlink the device.
Other changes to the target device seem to mess things up as well.

An Amazon Fire TV system update just put an end to any streaming to my vacation home.
Now I will have to disconnect both Fire TVs, take them home with me to re pair, then take them back again and hope there is not too many Amazon Fire TV updates in the future or I’ll have to rinse and repeat.
That can’t be the intended user experience?

I understand that a password is easily shared and we all need to make money, but could a limited password system be used in addition to the current system?
Limit the amount of simultaneous “password” connections to two for example.
(The number two is completely based on the fact that I have two streaming devices in my vacation home)

As for the current system… I am not entirely familiar with the hurdles you guys have to take to make this work, but a target device MAC address stored on the Tablo or online (instead of on the target device) should be enough to counter 99% of possible abuse?


I would second this. Updates have hit me and forced me to re pair at the worst possible times.

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I’m just going to reply to this thread to get an actual answer.
The lack of password access to stream content over the internet is a problem as long as the pairing of devices stays as fragile as it is.


I fully agree! The device pairing is so fragile. I have no idea what morning I’m going to wake up in my vacation home and my Tablo App on my Amazon Fire will no longer connect to my Tablo at home. A remote login (id/password) should absolutely be a top priority. The remote access is just too fragile in its current state to be relied upon.

Unbelievable that Tablo won’t respond to one of the most popular feature requests.

We know it’s popular. I’d love to see it if only for marketing purposes but unfortunately we can’t wave a magic wand and make it happen. I’m doing what I can on my end to make this happen!


It is not that fragile since they released updates that survive WAN IP changes - I paired my Fire TV box with my Tablo in December, and I haven’t lost pairing yet. That’s over 2 months through multiple router reboots, WAN IP changes, even an OS update to Fire OS 5.0.5 on my Fire TV 1st gen.

I would think that since it is the most popular request i have seen (only a user for 2.5 months or so, but avid reader of this forum, that a posting describing progress (We are doing it and here we are, here is what the hold up is, details, etc etc etc) or a post saying we aren’t doing it so quit asking would be sufficient…

Thanks for the reply!
Maybe it is an idea to have a sticky post that lists often asked questions and suggestions?
(I used the search function and a specific question and answer regarding implementation did not come up)

I agree as well. It’s sooooo easy to lose the pairing.

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@TabloTV any update on this? It is now April 2017.


Any update on this?

I have to agree on this one. This really should be one of the top priorities right now, especially with competing products maturing and already supporting credentials vs a “pairing” that is easily broken.


+++++++++ This should be implemented already!

I travel for a living, and once again, I lost pairing with no way to access my Tablo while on the road.

Extremely Disappointing!!!


OK, where are we on this ?


If the tablo stores a key with your device on network and trivially be bypassed using a vpn, what is the issue getting a key from your account to allow this same access? I realize there are other concerns and development time involved, the tablo product is a wonderful appliance. If Tablo would communicate road blocks there would likely be understanding and good suggestions from the community. Tablo you’re not an island out here, your success is my success.