Parts of recordings speeding way up

Segments of recorded shows are playing back at chipmunk-voice-like speeds. As far as I can tell it’s not a playback issue, it’s the recording itself. It’s not exactly random–it seems to be triggered by the start of either a commercial or a new segment on the show. If it were just speeding up for commercials, that would be OK (I don’t have commercial skip selected in setup). But often it speeds up for entire segments of shows, typically about 5 mins worth of recording. Then, with a transition to a commercial or a new segment on the show, it resumes ordinary speed. I’d say very roughly 10% of recorded material is affected, and I can’t see any pattern in why some transitions seem to set it off and not others. Any insights appreciated.

@dhfreedman Sorry you’re running into this.

What app/device are you seeing this on?

Is it across all apps/platforms (i.e. do you see the same thing happen in the same section when play the same recording back on the web app, or on a smartphone?)

Does to happen on recordings from a particular channel or a specific show or all recordings?

Had similar problem. Audio but not video speeded way up to choppy chipmunk chirping. Happened twice on separate recordings of CBS evening news from Boston ch 4. Today it lasted for first 5 minutes.

Forgot to include - speed problem the same via Roku and Android tablet.

Did the video ever pixelate? Or was it just the audio experiencing issues? How does the channel look on a scan?