Partially recorder program buffering constantly

last night I was watching survivor, it was partially recorded, the total show was 2 hours long, I had probably 1 hour and 15 minutes already recorder and I started watching, but at times the show would buffer, then resume, then buffer then resume, then buffer then resume. If I hit pause as soon as the buffering started then immediatly play, it would instantly resume, otherwise it would buffer for up to 15 seconds. This eventually annoied me enough that I disconected the tablo and reconnected again, same issue, so I tried in my bedroom and no problem there. the only difference is the main room runs a fire tv2 and the bedroom is a firetv1

Hard wired, the living room where the issue was is running a AFTV2 and the bedroom where it worked is running a AFTV1. Antena is a RCA 60 mile powered antena, but the antena is not the issue as it works in my bedroom.

yesterday I had the same issue on a fully recorded program, and it was in my bedroom where it worked fine the day before.

@Cavi - If you’re still having issues can you drop us a line? We’ll work with you to get things fixed up: