Partial recordings issue

I’ve gotten a number of recordings that record 1/2 hour for 1 hr program. It shows that it knows it is an hour. Anyone else seen this?

Just one channel or several? Precisely 30 mins or more or less?

@Phil_Irminger - Can you place a ticket with support and provide some additional details including whether this happens on all channels or just some? Or if it’s a specific show/channel?

It’s hard to tell what the cause might be without additional info:

Did you get a fix for this? I started having the same problem

Just placed ticket with support, seems to be 30 minutes recorded on some hr long shows, also 1 1/2 hours on some 2 hr shows.

I am experiencing this issue. When I try to watch a recorded show, I am having an issue with the 1 hr (or 1/2 hour for that matter) being split into as many as four “pieces” that I can watch, at the end of a “piece” I get a message about the tuner was re-assigned or lost communication with Tablo. I can then go the next “piece” and continue watching the program with a small gap. This is through Amazon Fire TV, but when I look at my recordings on Tablo, they are broken into pieces there giving me the impression that the issue is with Tablo as opposed to AFT. I’m just getting started with this so I’ll give you some other information i.e. I am using an outdoor antenna within 15 miles from the majority of the transmission towers for the 20+ local stations (actually nearly 60 with the .2 & .3 etc channels) it is amplified, but I don’t find it necessary to use the amplifier. I am connected via Ethernet, although after reading some of the blog, I have rebooted the Tablo as I initially tried to use wi-fi. I am using a Transcend 1 TB StoreJet M3 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (TS1TSJ25M3) (that does accomodate USB 2.0 also)
I request any and all thoughts you guys might have.