Partial Channel Scan

I would really love a partial channel scan. Many of us live in remote locations who rely on antenna routers. I would love to be able to do a scan and add a channel from the north without losing the existing channels.

I could then rotate the antenna to face north, record the shows for the evening and watch the shows already recorded.

Tablo explicitly does not support these setups. Rotators that is, using omni antennas or combiners are their recommended method.

Right, this doesnt help with your current setup, that’s why they use these postings i guess

Yah…thats annoying. I get it, but its annoying. Such a feature would not help the bottom line, or increase sales. All it would be is a development budget drain. So why would they do that when they can instead demand the user invest in an additional $150 antenna, combiner, and pay someone to scale a 50 foot tower. It makes $$ sense for the company but screws folks like me.

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One thing to think about - if you could rotate the antenna, and scan for every station (say 4 different locations N-E-W-S), and you setup programs to record when the antenna wasn’t pointed at the correct direction, you would end up with hundreds, if not thousands of partial recordings that failed. The result is a bigger headache than having to rescan when you reposition the antenna…

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Should have and of course a signal meter, don’t know what it would cost but I for one would pay more. Have to love the Tablo isn’t Tivo response Brillant and helpful. Manual Recordings disappeared - Support & Troubleshooting - TabloTV Community

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I too would like a scan that allows me to keep the first group of channels and add a second group. This would allow me to play around with my antenna and find what gives my the best combination of channels.

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The ability to scan and add to existing channels isn’t only beneficial to folks who want to use a router. Many of us have a channel or two that is hit and miss…right at the edge of strong enough. And with those channels, weather or time of day is critical. If I rescan for whatever reason, if I do so at the wrong time, I will lose an occasionally strong channel.