Parental Controls

Parental Controls unlocked via PIN. Allow general viewing based off of rating levels. I’m okay with the kids watching recorded AFV and seeing people hit in the crotch but I can’t have them watch New Girl and hear about using their crotch

@rkytop98 - This is something that a few people have asked for in different ways. Some have asked for the concept of user profiles which would enable something like this.

I’ll add that to the feature request list!

It’s been almost 4 years since this was requested. Any progress on adding at least a pin code or something to control kids accessing shows they are not supposed to???

Just out of curiosity, which other DVR has this capability?

You know that Tablo is doing a lot better when this rises to the top.:grinning:

I am going to replace a Dish Hopper…snip snip. I can set a pin code on anything that is rated as Mature. The DVR asks for a pin to record such a show or to watch it. I supervise my kids and they have no TVs in their rooms, but kids are very resourceful!

That scares me. I haven’t bought one yet because of all the complaints about lock ups and reboots but since it seems the new firmware might solve that, I am seriously considering a tablo as I really like the design. Tivo is the next front runner but so much more expensive.

When I grew up if I violated a privilege my parents took away the various privileges. No TV, No Phone, No car, No going out with friends, extra chores, No allowance. You shape up pretty quickly.

In today’s world I bet they would crack if you took away the phone privileges, social media privileges, and participation awards.

LOL. I am pretty strict but if I could setup a parental control, I will.

You will need to make your children walk 5 miles to school, uphill in the snow both ways.

Sling TV DVR.

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