Overscan in the Android app

When I view my stream on the Android app, I can see the bottom edge of the channel with a lot of static. Is there an overscan setting available on the app so I can crop out that static? Here’s what it looks like http://i.imgur.com/f5U0agN.png

Not sure. But I have an Android phone and it hasn’t had this issue. So, whatever the problem is, my guess is that it’s dependent on the device, though it could also be the version of Android. What version are you running? What device do you have? Answering both of those questions might prompt someone with the same device and version to post their own experience.

I have a friend who has had display problems with recent versions of Samsung phones and the Google Pixel. And I know that some of his problems were fixed by updates to the phone OS.

Other things, what is your Remote Streaming quality set to? What setting do you normally record at?

For the record, I have:

HTC One m8
HD 720 5Mbps (recommended)
1 Mbps (remote streaming quality)

I have a Nexus 5 on 6.0.1 with the latest app (1.1.8). My remote streaming quality is set to 4Mbps and I’m just watching live TV not recorded off anything.

Even live, it still uses the recording setting as the Tablo always transcodes from the original ATSC (just an fyi).

Oh ok that’s good to know. My recording quality is 5Mbps. I’ll try to find a different phone and see if I get the same result.

That’s a bug that has been around forever. If you are watching live TV using Tablo connect, and the remote quality is set to 3 or 4mbps, there will be junk like that on the bottom of the screen.

Watching a recording doesn’t do that, and live TV works fine at other settings. You might want to try full quality, and if that is too much, go down to 2Mbps.

??? I don’t have this problem.

Sure you do. You just don’t see it because you admit you are using the 1 Mbps setting. Change it to 3 or 4, watch live tv remotely, and you will see it.

Changing the quality to 2 fixed it. Using 3 and 4 still has issues. Why haven’t the developers fixed this issue instead of using this lazy workaround?

I would assume it has something to do with the double transcoding that is going on for live TV. If you watch a remote recorded show, the Tablo connect process only has to transcode once. But a live TV show has to be transcoded to your Tablo recorded quality (10Mbps, 8 Mbps, etc) and then also transcoded to the setting on your remote device (4 Mbps, 3Mpbs, etc).

Also note that 750 kpbs has issues as well (overscan on right side, gray bar on bottom).

The Tablo folks are aware off this problem, but they have never fixed it. It’s possible the transcoding software just can’t handle those settings for live tv.