Override channel name assignments

I’m fortunate to live in an area where I can see several channels with the same content on different networks.

Unfortunately, the people who assign names seen by the Tablo at these stations aren’t interested in making clear what station is being offered on what channel, so the channel scan finds the wrong name and assigns the wrong programming to it. It doesn’t help that the “true” digital channel is not displayed.

I’d like the ability to edit these names, so that I can consistently get the correct program information on the correct channel.

This isn’t a problem with the program guide supplier; the channels come up with a name like “cbs”, but in fact aren’t running CBS programming, which is on another channel not called “cbs”. Sometimes they come up with the correct station call sign, but again the wrong channel mapping. They seem to just mess with this stuff periodically, making managing recordings difficult.

The chief engineer at the station claims they can do what they want in this regard, as long as they meet FCC requirements. They have never heard of Tablo, or of an off air DVR, and keep telling me it’s a problem with my cable provider. (I don’t have cable). They must think I’m an idiot.

Our team may be able to help manually correct some of these inaccuracies for you. If you can send our team the details (the channel #'s, which are wrong, what they should be, etc) we’ll take a closer look.

I’d love that too. I don’t know what Slownote (aka Gracenote) problem is but I’ve been waiting a month for 54.4 to be changed from Court TV Mysteries to Court TV (the PIP info still shows Court TV Mysteries so it won’t change. Yet somehow TitanTV and TV Guide both managed to get the correct name and programming.