Overheat and dies

Tablo dual lite died a few months ago weeks after purchasing. Threw up my hands and disconnected. Today I reconnected, earlier in day Tablo worked fine. About 5 hours later, turned tv on and Tablo would not connect. Touched unit and it was extremely hot. It refuses to connect. Reset everything, gateway and Tablo. System still won’t work. Unit is sitting out i the open in my bedroom so there’s good ventilation. Reconnected antenna to tv and signing off as WASTE OF MONEY. This is my 3rd go round with the Tablo.

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Sorry it has not worked out for you. Have you opened a ticket with Tablo Support? I would try to see if they could help you. They do run hot. A lot of folks use cooling pads or fans on them.

There’s a 12mth warranty if not a 30day return policy depending upon place of purchase.

Weeks? Almost all places you purchase the Tablo from has a 30 day return policy. You should have returned it, and received a full refund. No money wasted. Unless you purchased a refurbished unit.

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