Over The Air Signal Meter App For Android TV

I have a Sony android TV. The settings doesn’t have away to tell the strength of the over the air TV signal. Having an app that could give signal strength would be great for those of us who want put up an antenna to cut the cable.

I got this:

I appreciate your reply, but I’m not looking to buy an expensive signal meter, I just want something that works with my android TV. Something I can us when I plug in my antenna to my TV and get a strength reading.

Maybe you should be asking that on a forum dedicated to your TV or Android in general. Seems way off topic for the Tablo forums.

Perhaps, but you never know?

Honestly, I’d be surprised if such a thing was even possible. I doubt the Android TV API has access to the tuner data.

Neither was I, but got tired of waiting. :slight_smile:

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