Over-the-air antenna

I used to have a house in Cary near the tennis club, but I retired five years ago. Not there any more except visiting relatives in Winston Salem once a year.

Cool! I lived in Winston-Salem for a couple of years and have to say honestly that I didn’t care much for it. It’s a nice place to visit, but . . . Now Chapel Hill is both a nice place to visit and in which to live!

I appreciate each and every reply I received in response to my dilemma. I am thrilled to say that I found success at last! In renewing my search for someone to install an antenna on the roof, I stumbled across Home Advisor. I filled out their form and had a call within 30 minutes, and someone came to install the antenna the very next day! He did an excellent job, and I’m now getting perfect OTA reception. All of the replies I received encouraged me to continue searching, with success. A sincere thank you to all who replied.