Out-of-home streaming without "paring" first, possible?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to setup the out-of-home streaming without the device first ever being on the network? I have a vacation cabin with a compatible smart tv and I’d like to still be able to access my recorded content when I’m at the cabin but I’m not likely going to make a trip to fetch the tv and bring it home, pair it, and then return the tv to cabin.

It’d be nice if there was a way to log in to the connect app without first having to be on the same network.

Unfortunately not at this time.


That’s what I was afraid of. Anyone know how to submit a feature request in hopes that’ll change one day?

Several people have commented elsewhere on this forum that you can bypass the pairing requirement by setting up a VPN between both networks so that the remote TV appears to be on the same network as the Tablo. I don’t have a fast enough upload speed to even consider remote viewing, so I personally haven’t tried this method. You might try searching this forum for VPN and see what you can find.

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It’s been requested. Many times.

And yes, the VPN method works. I’ve done it myself.

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It’s already an often requested feature that gets brought up multiple times each year. Just realize the Tablo has been around for 6 years with Tablo Connect working this particular way, so it is unlikely to change.

Keep in mind that there may be legal versus technological issues that prevent or at least discourage not having the client and Tablo in the same location, at least periodically.

For example, if Tablo offered this capability, what would prevent someone from selling out of market access to a local station that they are not “entitled” to watch? Tablo can argue that they have done everything they can to prevent this with the current technology; not so if the two never have to be in the same physical location. Yes, this can be worked around by using VPNs, but that’s the customer doing it, not Tablo.

Feel free to argue that’s silly, but it is the basis for current broadcasting marketing area identification, and explains why sat networks like Dish are forced to carry hundreds of copies of the same network feeds tailored for each media market.

I’m happy we have relatively easy access to our home Tablos during travel.

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What about getting an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick, setting it up at home, would it work at your destination?

I have a Fire Stick I travel with, not sure if I’ve tried Tablo.

Roku doesn’t support remote access, but FireSticks do.

I prefer FIre Stick for travel because its supports captive portals at hotels, etc… for example it will open browser and let me enter last name & room number or whatever hotel wants to enable WiFi. I read Roku can’t do this - it doesn’t have a web browser to open up and render the captive portal page.