Out of home stream

I’m trying to stream to my laptop. Logged into my account. Don’t think that is what I needed to do. Actually what do I need to do?

Read both links above.

Thanks for the information. Still haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong. Let me rephrase what I’m trying to do. I’m using my iPhone as a modem and a laptop as the router. I think I’ll have to connect tablo to my pc by Ethernet, and change WiFi

You will need to connect using your laptop to your Tablo DVR while they are both on the same network first before you can use your laptop to remotely connect to your Tablo DVR.

Do you have a wireless network at home?

If yes, you’ll have to connect to the Tablo on the laptop when you’re at home first to pair the laptop to the Tablo.

Then you can use it remotely.

Yes, I’m using my iPhone as a modem and the pc as a router. Device sharing. My home Internet is just to expensive. Can’t use hotspot for tablo. So I’m trying a work around. Not sure if it will work. I have unlimited hotspot at 5 mbps download. Unlimited data talk and text for 25.0 0 a month

How is your Tablo connected to the internet? That is the real question?

Do you have a home internet connection?

Your subject is titled ‘out of home stream’…but you are using your cell phone as the hotspot…I would assume that you would have your iphone with you when you are out of home…does that mean you are bringing your tablo with you as well?

Ok…here is the way that it works…

You connect your Tablo to the ‘network’…then, any Tablo client you have on the same network will discover the Tablo…you can then configure your network with Port Forwarding to make it so any inbound connections from the internet are routed to the IP of your Tablo…then, any device that you had on the same network as the Tablo will be able to connect to the Tablo when not on the same network…

The problems you are going to have with using your iPhone as your network connection are many…

Generally speaking, things like hotspots are going to isolate devices on them into their own virtual networks so they can’t see each other…which means anything else you connect through your iPhone likely won’t be able to see other things…which means that your streaming device (laptop?) won’t be able to see the Tablo to pair up with it in the first place.

Secondly, mobile hotspots typically don’t have address reservation, port forwarding, etc…so, you won’t typically be able to use that setup to be able to access the Tablo remotely either…

You said ‘out of home stream’…but I don’t think that’s quite what you meant…are you simply trying to stream from your Tablo to your laptop from inside the house?

At present I have internet. I’m trying to get rid of it. I can connect everything exact the tablo to phone hotspot. Only way I’ve found to use the tablo without home internet, is using lightning to hdmi cable and play on the app. That makes the tablo be connected to only one tv with no remote, and phone inaccessible.

Why can’t you connect the Tablo to the phone hotspot? What happens when you try?

I don’t remember the exact details. Tried disconnecting the Ethernet cable, removing power, phone never found it. So I googled how to use hotspot for tablo. Seems tablo is not recommended if you don’t have high speed broadband internet service. There might be a way but I haven’t found it. No one has mentioned a method. When I loose internet connections I can still access tablo by selecting proceed anyway. That’s with the Roku . But when I change internet providers the smart tv or Roku can’t connect to the tablo.

That almost worked! I now have the tablo setup page. I can update, scan channels, but click settings. That function is grayed out. Everything works fine on my iPhone. Haven’t deleted the app and reinstalled it yet. But the information you gave is what I was looking for. Now I’ve escalated my search. Would like to use my hotspot for full home internet. Everything connects and works perfect except tablo. Tablo doesn’t recommend hotspot. The only way I’ve found to use my iPhone is with lightning to hdmi cable. That makes it connected to one tv, no remote and phone inaccessible.