OTT - it's Time to get excited Cord Cutters -----------------> --------------> Hidden in the news today, thanks to Googles Nexus announcements, was a huge OTT announcement. HBOGo will be selling streaming only service in 2015, no cable subscription needed! The article goes on further to discuss ESPN and others that will be following suit and or testing the idea.

The cable conglomertates will ensure it costs more than going with one of their fantastic “packages” … which  I am sure they will be more than happy to sell you… I just can’t see them allowing this to happen and not get some part “cut” of the deal… Call me a skeptic/cynic but … this has been attempted before and previous “a la carte” offerings have always come up costing more… and if they don’t somehow squash this like a dangerous insect… then they will surely get you with account transfer caps or other pricing schemes… Considering the announcement came from Time Warner at their event, I think they are starting to rethink their delivery practices. As long as the price is around what you pay with cable, they will be fine with it. They are understanding times have changed and how the next generation is watching TV.

Sadly I live in a comcast serviced area…

I saw today that CBS is offering a service for $5.99 allowing access to back-catalog as well as new episodes the next day.

I’m afraid that if all the networks start doing this we will end up paying a lot more than cable/satellite.  Which is probably their plan.

For those of us that just want a couple stations (CNN, DIY) it would be a huge cost savings over Cable. Those are the only stations we miss after cutting the cord. I would probably spring for HBO as well if the channels were all $5 or $6. I imagine this will also create a new industry of online only channel packagers negotiating wholesale pricing with the stations so they can offer a la carte channel packages.

Just saying… and I think everyone’s situation is different, but talking to most people considering cord cutting, ESPN seemed to be the biggest issue.  A lot of the people I talk to aren’t subscribing to the ultra high end premium channels (like HBO) while on cable/satellite (and ESPN often comes with mid tier package levels at least in the USA).

But obviously, everyone’s situation IS different…

So, at least in my circles, we need ESPN to do this sort of thing.   But maybe HBO’s move will help make them all consider…

Imagine if the NFL ever woke up and started streaming across markets! Every original content provider has to direct deliver content or fade into oblivion. As a cord cutter, Showtime and HBO have already faded into my oblivion years ago. For the better… I curse less now.

This is the year I lost interest in football, because of the lack of a streaming option to watch my birth town team more that a couple times a year. Then on top of that, Tablo’s poor big screen performance, the yearly news about murders and wife beaters within the NFL… I’ve just genualy lost interest.

If they direct deliver… And my birth town team stays relatively wholesome, I might pay a few bucks to watch the NFL. HBO… Whatever, they mean nothing to me… Unless, they start releasing 3D content.

Overall. Glad to see competition arise between the same content coming into my house across these two network types. Hope cellular networks are added to the competition soon.

I'm afraid that if all the networks start doing this we will end up paying a lot more than cable/satellite.  Which is probably their plan.

I am sure that was very much concidered…

NFL does have some streaming capabilities (after live)… but they cannot handle the load and the service stinks.  That’s something else all of these people need to learn.

CBS has also now announced out of band subscription service, but just like HBO, these are “not live” feeds.  Thus there is still a huge market for “live” feeds… and TabloTV handles some of that need.

Again, mainly as “live feeds” and mainly sports perspective, but again, that’s probably more than 90% of the potential “cutters” I’ve talked to.  And often times is the major reason why they decide to not cut the cord.

A more radical solution is to create more independent sport avenues that aren’t under the “big brother” umbrellas of current sports programs…

A la carte streaming will cost more than the bundled channel packages most dislike.    

Actually the CBS announcement said it will include live streaming. One fear is that they dump OTA. CBS threatened to do just that if Aereo won their case.

CBS has said that they cannot provide live streaming for content they do not own… that pretty much includes all sports (but I do stand partially corrected)

Ahh. Maybe if this catches on the licensing restrictions will be relaxed.