Other's experiences with overload?

Curious what you see with Tablo channel scan if you have overload due to using an antenna preamp? I would expect to see a strong signal (5 green dots) with a bad picture if the preamp was causing overload. What I saw was three amber dots in the channel scan with the preamp. Then when I remove the preamp, back to 5 green dots. Not expecting that at all.

Does this match with other people’s experiences, or is my preamp broken? I’ve decided that I don’t need a preamp after all, but having never used the antenna without it, I just found that out :-).

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One point they are called “signal strength indicators” then the article talks about signal quality. These are different and discussed often in the forum. Quality likely takes into account SNR and the “digital cliff”.

So if you’ve got poor quality at the moment you ran then scan negating the signal, you may not have been amplifying the signal as much as the “noise” around it. This is just kind of a simplification of a bunch of engineering and scientific parameters which go into RF reception. And the sad indicators tablo has.