Other cloud-based DVRs limiting recording options?

I’ve been using frndly tv for a while and have noticed that over the last few months, fewer and fewer stations are allowing me to record.

Many have opted to go one way: “X channel cannot be recorded. All content is available On Demand for you to enjoy whenever you like!”; others have went another: “The content provider has restricted this program from being available On Demand.”

If I’ve set a recording in the past, it will continue recoding (for example, MeTV won’t let me set new recordings, but anything I’d set in the past is still going strong).

Has anyone been experiencing this with other cloud-based recording services? It’s starting to defeat the purpose of paying for the app!

I don’t know about recording issues with paid for streaming apps but I got real angry at NFL.com. I wanted to watch the KC and Miami game last night so I checked online and it said that the game was available through Peacock and NFL + so I decided to signup with NFL+ for the difference in price so I could have access to other games that I might not get with Tablo. What a mistake!!! I got on my PC and went to NFL.com and clicked on the game I wanted to watch and it gave me two options (NFL+ and NFL+ premium) so I paid for NFL+ premium and when I went to my fireTV and logged in and clicked on the game, it told me to activate with Peacock, so I created a Peacock account figuring NFL.com had made agreement with Peacock but it turned out that NFL+ couldn’t show the game and only with a Peacock subscription was the way to get that game. I also tried viewing the game from my PC and the same thing occurred. I immediately cancelled NFL+ and now I’m arguing with their BOT and email support to try and get a refund. Felt like a bait and switch the way they handled it, especially I had made clear which game I was looking to view when I originally went to NFL.com on the PC.

I’ve been in chat w/ frndly tv for over half an hour.

Looks like you can record if you set up a program in the future, but not the 72 hour look back. And their search seems to be broken so that even though the show can be recorded NEXT Sunday, it can’t even find it and I had to scroll through a whole week of garbage first!

Three BS issues w/ frndly tv today: Things missing from search; the inability to distinguish the channel it’s asking me to record, and then also the fact that I can’t record from a search because it turns red then spins its circle and goes back to non recorded.

So was the game only available on Peacock then? Did you ever get to see the game? So confusing! What app/site finally gave you the right game info?

Yup, it was on Peacock and I signed up for $6 to watch on Peacock. Now I fight with NFL.com to get my $20 back.

If you live close enough to the mexican border to get mexican stations, it was carried on TUDN - if a station has that sports network.

Not close enough to Mexico but I might check TUDN next time.

grace notes even supplies the correct guide for mexican stations - most of the times. TUDN is based in mexico city and they usually quote mexico city times. Adjustments maybe required. I just used my legacy to record.

You thinking that a VPN along with a change in location zip might work to get TUDN?

OOoooh… it’s only a couple of thousand miles away… :wink:

That’s why I’m thinking a VPN.

Is TUDN a streaming app? I’ve never heard of it, but I guess it’d be worth a try.

There’s one I used to use that was free and worked with most streaming sits/apps. You had to watch an ad for like 6 hours of use, though… just can’t remember since I pay for Proton … but haven’t used it in months.

I looked up TUDN and it says fubo and YouTube TV give that network. Won’t go that route. Looking to see if there are other ways to get it.


TUDN app is free to download on the Apple AppStore. Don’t know what they charge for subscription or if you need to use a VPN to get certain games. It asked me which supported provider I’m using and gave me the following list. I don’t have so not likely going to be able to use it.


I just tried downloading it straight from the Amazon store, and it gave me the “app could not be found” error. IDK.

BTW, the VPN I was talking about was AwardVPN. I had a list of which services worked well with it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Anyways, that’ll give you a chance to try it out. I’m pretty sure Netflix loaded, but it was like 6 months ago.

Note: When I was using just a hotspot, some apps had an issue with the mobile connection, so I had spent a lot of time looking at different VPNs. For some reason, not only did the apps prefer the “stable” network, it actually sped up the whopping 3-5 Mbps I was getting. Yes, on a higher connection, a VPN will slow you down a few Mbps, it was likely just negligible on a 4g LTE connection.

Gee, my mexican station is only 40 miles. Direct line of sight to the broadcast tower. I usually have enough sports to record. But I do know that for MLB there is the primary weekend game and the backup and they seem to carry the backup. All the soccer you can eat. But you either speak spanish or ignore the banter for the actual game.

And for the olympics you get the mexican spin and mix of games.

Meh. Who needs commentary anyway? It’s the game you’re after, not all the babble!

Hmm… just thinking. It’s funny 'cause, so many of the US stations have an SAP in Spanish or a caption option. Does it not work in reverse?