Other Android TV Features

So in addition to live channels support, are you guys also looking into some of the other features of Android TV? Here are some things I would like to see

  • Global voice search - If I press the voice search at the homescreen, I would like to be able to search “The Flash” and have options come up to take me to the various apps that I could watch The Flash from, i.e. Google Play Movies/TV, Plex, Tablo. Selecting the Tablo app option would then take me into the Tablo app, directly to the recordings section, and show all episodes for The Flash

  • Homescreen recommendations - Ideally with some options built into the app. Perhaps just like the record options; “recommend only new episodes” and “recommend any episode.”

  • In-app voice search. Right now the voice search button seems to act as a selector. Really this should at least bring up the search interface and ideally allow me to input via voice.


Oh man… I saw your post on Reddit and thought I was having some sort of mental problem after reading the same thing in here. I was confused… especially after seeing @getcashmoney responded to you there… I need a nap.

I haven’t looked at the Android SDK’s - I wonder if dynamic content on a device like Tablo contains the appropriate metadata to be included in a voice search. You figure it’s easy on Netflix - it’s one large, but very well defined pool of content. I wonder if the search capabilities can extend to the Tablo realistically.

I like this whole voice thing - but man… I can’t live without my Harmony remotes - I wish voice input would standardize so we’d see it show up in universal remotes. At the same time, I’m in no hurry to spend $300 a pop to replace these remotes.

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I agree on the Harmony Remotes, they are just too good to give up for voice control. I usually only use voice control if I have the controller next to me already for gaming or for the 3.5mm audio Jack.

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We are working on some big stuff for the Android side of things and we’ll integrate everything we possibly can. It won’t happen overnight but we realize how cool recommendations and more robust search would be for everyone.


Any update on this yet? Things like Live Channels
It’s been almost a year.