ota2GO Updated for User Selectable Storage

Hi folks! It’s been quite a while since I updated ota2GO for Android as the app has been working well, but in light of the increasingly-tight security and privacy guardrails in Android as it evolves, I’ve now finally released an update that allows (actually, requires :slight_smile:) users to specify the storage folder for videos. It’s v 1.9.13 fyi. It ensures proper functioning of external players on playback, and puts management of the videos in your hands - they aren’t contained “inside” ota2GO, and will remain on your device even after you uninstall.

One consequence of this storage model is that the space-saver (transcoding) mode is only supported on Android 8 and above. Apologies to anyone who was using this on Android 6 or 7!! Though according to the thin analytics that I can see, it was pretty darned rare :crossed_fingers:

The release also includes some clean-up for better CPU/battery usage, and it should also allow you to click 3 or 4 downloads in succession and have them queue up and download in sequence. That wasn’t working for everyone before.

In any case, it’s a fairly extensive change in the back end, so just wanted to ask that if you’re a user and encounter any weirdness or see any issues, please just hit me up right here or via the app’s support email support@locobright.com and let me know! This community is amazing and was very helpful getting ota2GO released in reasonable shape in the first place :+1:

Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers!

  • Steve

Hi, just saw your post so updated the app. After the update was finished I tried to play a recording but it’s not working. When I press the play arrow icon I get a prompt saying “Open links with Blackvue - Just Once Set to Always Open” . The Blackvue app is for viewing clips from my car dashcam so not sure why ota2GO want to use it. If I click on Just Once the screen flashes and goes back to the TV episode description page.

Never mind! Had to reinstall VLC and now it works. I don’t recall uninstalling it, weird.

Wah, you just jumped my pulse about 25% higher :heart: :slight_smile: lol! Thanks for letting me know you’d resolved!

That pop-up about what to use to open things is an Android-generated thing in response to a “hey, what apps can play this video?” query. Apparently Blackvue thinks it can, but I guess not exactly this type.


Awesome update! I never liked trying to navigate to the old default folder. There probably wasn’t many of us that wanted to access the actual file. I updated and everything seems to work fine so far. I just wish MX player and VLC could do the commercial skip. I prefer the controls and features like screen lock, background play, and picture in picture. Sadly I’m pretty sure that will never be possible.

I’ve never had the patience to maintain an app through all the Android revisions so I truly appreciate you maintaining this project. All the changes are a nightmare. I think I gave up on my app somewhere around Android 5.

Thanks Jim – you called it – the level/frequency/velocity/enormity of the changes that Google makes to android policies over time makes developing for the platform a tad unpleasant lol!! BUT I like how this particular app has hung together and there are loads of users out there (pause to kill spider on my ceiling), so I didn’t want to abandon it.

That said, stuff like cross-platform Tablo Tools or APL Tablo Client and the OG Tablo Ripper are really putting power in users’ hands - quite fantastic - so the universe of Tablo-supportive software is quite solid :slight_smile: Cheers!


Lol, that’s why I prefer python now.

My phone is an old Samsung S5 Neo using Android5.

Will the original ota2GO still run there?.

Hi – ota2GO has been Android 6 or higher since the beginning, unless I did it wrong :slight_smile: Were you previously running on Android 5?

In any case, it should run on Android 6 and above. On android 6 and 7 the “space saver” transcoding option is no longer supported (because the Android media muxer can’t use the storage mechanism that they now require). But other than that, full function all the way up (and free to install and try to see if it does what you like)


  • Steve

You are right! My phone runs Android 7 and always did!
I installed the new version of ota2GO and I was able to have it point to a new directory I just created.
Very nice mod!
Thank you.

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