ota2GO supports comercial skip!

Wow! Good work on ota2GO! It already supports comskip as long as you don’t use an external player! Thank you very much @sctaylor. I know this isn’t your full time job so way to go keeping up! Even Tablo is behind you on the Android mobile platform.

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Yes it works great same amount of data on tablo 4 tunner and after tranfer to ota2GO , don’t use data saver.

Thanks for the mention :slight_smile: Yes, ota2GO has comskip for Android – it works only when using the internal player. The commercials are still in the downloaded mp4’s (either download method works) but the interrnal player lets you skip ads similar to the way Tablo’s software does on other platforms. It also lets you skip commercials when watching thru ota2GO directly from your Tablo (internal player only), without downloading first (which is part of the trial of the software - no Pro upgrade required).

Hope it’s useful!

Please fogive any typos - my “R” key is wonkey!


I used ota2go on a trip out of state this week with my Samsung android tablet, and took a couple of shows with me… Was super impressed that commercial skip works on it. Wonder why the Nuvyyo Tablo app doesn’t yet have it. Anyway, because of a recent hard drive failure, I didn’t have a lot of content on Tablo to being with me, but I did start accumulating a lot of shows while away. I was wondering if it was possible to incorporate the pairing process that some Tablo devices are capable of into tablo2go so that shows can be downloaded while away from home when Wi-Fi is available, or if that’s something that the Tablo folks won’t allow for 3rd party software. Anyway, ota2go worked v really well for me on this trip… Super impressive effort!


Hi - thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Yes, the API that third party apps like ota2go use require that the phone and Tablo are on the same local network.

The only possible workaround that I’m aware of is a bit complex and has security considerations: create a private VPN server in your home and then connect with your phone when away so it appears to be in the same local network. When I did it I found it slow and flaky (maybe my router vpn support is poor?), so now I just load up on downloads in advance as you mention.


That’s a good idea. I set up a new router shortly before leaving on my trip, and though it supports it, haven’t set up the VPN yet. Haven’t had a need for it before now, but I think when I get back, I’ll take a look at that and verify I can connect before my next trip.

Cool - let us know how u make out… Mine was kind of a pain :smiley:

Mine was pretty easy to set up so the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Luck of the draw I suppose.

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I decided to try downloading from outside my network using the VPN. One thing I noticed was ota2GO could not find my Tablo automatically. It was able to manually connect. So I would recommend using ota2Go at home first and assigning the Tablo a static IP to make things easier.

This issue is probably related to the VPN setup and not an ota2Go issue.

Thanks Jim - I didn’t think about discovery. The app actually uses a local network UDP broadcast packet (the Tablo listens for these and replies “here I am!” If it hears one.). Probably the vpn or vpn client isn’t letting UDP thru.

I think my app will remember the last known IP address, and will offer it up after a couple of failed discoveries. So, yes, keeping a reserved ip in the router for your Tablo can simplify!

Curious - was the download reasonable speed, no failures?


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Yes your app happily remembers the last IP which is why I suggested using it at least once at home. I have most of my important devices memorized along with their IPs and ports but I doubt most people would.

The download went smoothly. It of course took longer since my upload at home maxes out at 2.5Mb/s but it wasn’t too bad really.

I knew beforehand that this should have worked in theory but that was my first actual test. I really wish I would have had a Tablo and your app when I spent a month in the hospital with my daughter.

Yup, I hadn’t thought about that either. When I saw it fail to automatically find the Tablo that was a “duh” moment. I knew my setup blocked my ability to find other devices on my network already so I should have known. I don’t think this is the case with every VPN setup and there might be a way to fix it in the VPN settings. I haven’t tried.

Once again thank you for the great app!

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Thanks for the detailed info, Jim! Glad to hear it went smoothly for you. And hope your daughter is a-ok!