ota2GO podcast your Tablo(kind of)

There are certain TV shows that I like to listen to people style. I could play a show and leave my screen on but that causes issues like unnecessary battery drain and accidentally hitting the screen. I’ve accidentally interrupted playback enough times to know that’s an issue.

ota2GO has a feature that is interesting in this respect. It let’s the user choose an outside video player when playing content. You must enable that option in the ota2GO settings.

Next I had to find a video player that can play in the background. Fan favorite VLC does that! This feature must be enabled in VLCs setting menu.

Bonus: if you don’t want to just listen to shows VLC can be set for picture in picture instead.

The popular MX player app also works for this after you enable background mode as well!


Never. Ever. Thought of this! Genius

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