OTA Stations available in Austin, TX


Tablo should always be choosing the ‘English’ track when available, unless it’s not being properly marked by the local broadcaster. Might be something to chat with them about.


“Tablo should always be choosing the ‘English’ track when available.”

Isn’t this linguistic imperialism?


It kind of is unfortunately, but we can only offer one option at this time and the majority of our customers are English speaking. This is one of the reasons why we can’t do 5.1 as well.


Hmmm, a random (and sorry but yeah, way off topic) question popped in my head…

Are OTA channels in Quebec broadcast with French as the primary language ( / audio stream)?

Wouldn’t your English audio stream limitation be blocking some 2+ Million potential French Speaking Quebec customers? :wink:


Yes - those generally don’t offer an English language alternative.


It’s a Spanish station and English is on SAP. It would be nice to be able to record SAP audio.


Sacre bleu!


Couldn’t you learn Spanish? The next semi-official language of the next VP from semi-progressive San Antone…of course not as progressive as Austin!


Of course, neither of these are as FULLY progressive as Ottawa :innocent:


19.5 is a weather channel. Comet TV is now streaming live for those that don’t live in a Comet area.


Thanks. Likewise BounceTV has an Android app


There’s an article out about a new subchannel, Light TV. It’s due in December and will be on Fox O & O stations. KTBC wasn’t listed.


Is http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/289251/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+television-news-daily+(MediaPost+|+Television+News+Daily) what you’re talking about? It’s only 14 Fox stations. We’re also missing Comet which is with Sinclair stations.


Channel 23-2 is country music videos. Have not seen a station name yet.

Edit: KOKETV…Should have guessed. It is related to KOKE FM radio…home of the Texas Longhorns and great country music.


These are the stations I currently have active:

7-1 KTBC-HD 720p FOX

7-2 KTBC-SD 480i MOVIES!

7-3 Buzzr 480i

7-4 MeTV 480i

14-1 KBVO-CD 1080i MYNET

18-1 KLRU-HD 1080i PBS

18-2 KLRU-CR 480i CREATE

18-3 KLRU-Q 480i PBS


24-1 KVUE-DT 1080i ABC


36-1 KXAN-DT 1080i NBC

36-2 COZI 480i

36-3 ION 480i

42-1 KEYE-DT 1080i CBS

54-1 KNVA-HD 1080i CW

54-2 GRIT 480i

54-3 LAFF 480i

62-3 GetTV 480i

62-4 Escape 480i
non-English, infomercial, religious all not active.


@TabloTV anything towards this? It’s been a year. Still have to manually select them.


I notice 19.7 has color bars now. Recently they added 19.6 as Antenna tv. Any word what .7 might be?


Thanks for 19.7. It wasn’t there 2 or 3 weeks ago when I rescanned after adding a splitter. I’ll look when I get home.

Edit: home and all I see is a color bar. I hope Decades since 19.6 is AntennaTV. I tried googling but didn’t find anything.


I received an email from CNZ and they are ‘in talks with multiple programmers’.


Just hope mot another ingomercial or shopping channel.