OTA Stations available in Austin, TX

We will be gaining ION on 36-3 with 2 weeks of last Thursday, and a 54-2 and 14-2 within a month according to the Engineer (all same ownership). Note: That with Mohu Leaf 50, the channel 17, 29, 62 were not there. Also channel 62 broadcast on VHF 13. Changing antenna added them. Click on my pic to see setup.

I appreciate how helpful you are on the forums, but I’m not sure I see the purpose of creating an entirely new thread for this picture. It might be more helpful to give a link to TVFool.com, but then again I think Tablo has already written a blog post on how to find TV stations in your area.

At least now it shows what a difference an antenna makes. I often mention tvfool.com. I’ve started showing people at work all the stations, and some of them, including 7-3 and 36-2 are not currently on cable, but most likely will be when retransmission fees are set.

Thanks Beastman. Interesting to know about these upcoming stations. I had not heard about them. I see GetTV and escape show up on your listing. I can barely get those stations. Hopefully the new ones will have a wider coverage area.

I live near Rundburg and North Lamar near the YMCA. You need a VHF antenna for 62 which is in Killeen and is broadcast on VHF 13.

Just noticed that thanks to Tablo, 18-2 and 18-3 were missing. I just added them. It seems Tablo only automatically selects 1080i, and a 720 or 480, EVEN in it has 5 green circles is IGNORED until you manually select it. @TabloTV anyway that can be changed? Is the language in the broadcast information? If so, it would be nice to be able to select English only (and other languages only) for those that only want specific language recordings. I manually deselect anything but English, and all infomercial stations. That is why there are some -4 and -5 and no -1 stations listed.

@beastman - Are the ignored channels lower quality versions of one that is available in higher definition? This is what’s supposed to happen. For example there are two Fox stations, one is in HD, the other SD. It will auto select the HD one.

@TabloTV They are 480i and are all different stations. Only the 1080 are automatically selected.

Even the 7-2 and 7-3 are skipped.

I have some low power stations near me that only broadcast in 480 that are unchecked by default after the channel scan. Also, I have stations that send auxiliary channels in lower quality that are not merely duplicates of the HD main channel that are also unchecked by default. Looks to me like it’s just skipping all the channels below some minimum resolution as the default behavior.

Not a huge deal, but I do have to pay attention when I do a re-scan otherwise I will have channels dropped from my lineup. If I lived in a larger metro with more channels it would be more cumbersome.

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A 1080 sub channel was checked. 42-1 and 42-2 were both checked by default. I unchecked 42-2 because it is Spanish. KEYE has two 1080 channels and can"t do more subs. KLRU has -1 at 1080 and -2,-3,-4.

I suppose that makes sense given our channel lineup here in Canada as we don’t have all the fun subchannels you guys do. We should probably amend that given the number of these channels popping up for our US customers though.

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Does that mean you will? Maybe a Canadian model and a US model.

Meh - not worth doing different models… Will just put a request into the dev team to tweak the logic they use for what things get auto checked.

Was just putting something together to show a coworker, and noticed 54-3 is also coming. Only 36-3 is within 2 weeks.

Beastman, keep us informed on the new channels coming up. I live south and get Comet and Antenna TV so I wasn’t upset about 42 not adding it.

You must be getting it out of San Antonio on 29-(I forget what). Do you get REVE or REVN on 17-5 and 17-6? Have you opened a ticket to get your zip code added to IONTV 36-3?

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29.2 KABB is Comet, used to be Zuus. Antenna TV is 4.2. Once in a while I’ll get Laff on 17.4. METV is iffy on 12.2. I’m hoping 54.2, 54.3 or 14.2 will be METV. I get Grit TV on 41.3 and all the Austin stations except 17, which I don’t care about.

My own guess is QUBO and ION LIFE, based on them being on http://iontelevision.com on the bottom of the page and 36, 14, 54 all having same ownership. Nothing from my contact yet.

www.titantv.com you can add IONTV to your list. or schedule at http://iontelevision.com/schedule

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Not the networks I wanted. If they pop up they’ll be deleted.

How do you “just add” a channel - I must have been napping when this was presented.