OSD / Overlays

I know there could possibly be hardware limitations (especially older devices), but it would be awesome to have overlays Of information while watching tv shows.

Example: while watching live tv or a recording, be able to pull up the Live TV EPG or more info on the current program.

I previously requested a Second Screen functionality, which is slightly different, but having one of these features would be nice for multi-tasking while a current video is playing.

Other benefits:
Be able to browse the Guide and set other shows to record while watching a current program.

While using something like AirPay or Plex: it would help the TabloTV app feel more like a native AppleTV/Plex app allowing you to pull up an EPG, other recording listings or show info while still watching the show.

I am pleased that someone got Plex and Tablo as far along as possible, but it’s still pretty archaic to watch tv this way. It needs a richer interface. In order to intice more cord-cutters and improve the ease user experience, the app needs to mimic some of the behaviors that current set-top boxes offer.

I am always thinking, “how would a house guest use my tv intuitively?” Currently it’s:

  1. turn on iPad
  2. open Tablo App
  3. turn on tv, AppleTV, audio amplifier (Harmony One remote helps with this big multi-step process)
  4. select TV show to play from Tablo and AirPlay it to TV
    To us, these steps are no big deal, but to a non-tech savvy person, they thinking, “never mind, this is insane!”

All this being said I really love the clean layout and experience of the Tablo app as a whole. The EPG is simply beautiful.

My feedback for Tablo comes from numerous years (too many to count) of using Windows Media Center; using other programs such as EyeTV, Sage TV, stb’s and media streamers.

EPG overlay with live TV channel or whatever you are watching in background for Tablo would be a fantastic.   Instead of wasting half the screen on  blue “live TV” graphic why not have the active channel or show being viewed in the background or in place of the graphic?

This is possible on some of our interfaces and is definitely something we’re looking at!