Ordered 4 Tuner TabloTV From Best Buy

 I ordered the 4 tuner model from Best Buy Friday morning before Noon. I would have ordered from Tablo but they were down because of DNS issues.

They haven’t shipped yet so I am a little upset. My question is does Best Buy have their own stock of Tablos or does TabloTv drop ship for them? If they do drop ship maybe the order got lost due to the connectivity issue. If not then I guess I have to figure out how to contact Best Buy about the order.

Thanks for any help…


@PhilH BestBuy has its own stock - if you’re worried, inquire with them and they should be able to shed some light on the status of your order.

Thanks for your quick reply. I just sent them an email. I’ll let you know what happens…

Here is the deal with Best Buy… They just called me. Turns out they can’t ship to a PO Box. It took them 4 days to call me to cancel the order. Since I paid with Paypal they also said it would take 3 to 5 days to get my money back.

What a crock of horse manure. Nowhere on their site do they mention that they cannot ship to PO Boxes. 

I expressed my displeasure about the cancellation & all the man on the phone said is you might get lucky if the price goes down before you reorder. You might save some money. Crappy customer service.

I think Tablo may need to rethink about selling their product through different stores. It may just create a bad taste in peoples mouths.

I’m sorry for the rant just had to vent.

I will reorder our TabloTV from Tablo when I get my refund. Is there a problem with getting shipping to a PO Box from you (Tablo).



I went ahead and placed my order with you for a 4 tuner Tablo. My order #1512. Please let me know if my PO Box is going to be a problem.



Sadly PO Boxes are often used for fraud… so there’s lots of businesses that won’t ship to them (from my own experience).

@cjcox We live out in the boonies. The post office won’t give us a physical address. That’s why we want the Tablo DVR since we use OTA… lol

We have been using SageTV for the last 5 years but it is time to change to something else.

Hah, I am a SageTV convert as well… wonder how many of us made the switch to Tablo?  :-/

So far my experience with Tablo has been great.
@cjcox We live out in the boonies. The post office won't give us a physical address. That's why we want the Tablo DVR since we use OTA.. lol

We have been using SageTV for the last 5 years but it is time to change to something else.

Yep… I hear you.  I don’t like the policy that many businesses have adopted.  But I’ve also been the victim of mail fraud with a PO Box… (oh… and the post office swears they didn’t make an error because … and I quote… “they don’t make mistakes”)… they sent a dective and everything when IMHO it was obvious what had happened…

I am here @computer33

Been working on some other Sage users since I made the switch, slowely but surely :slight_smile:

We should start a thread to figure out a total count of Sage User converts… just for fun

That would be interesting to find out PIX64. I’m sure myself & computer33 would post there.

To finish off this post, I received the shipping confirmation this morning that Tablo did ship to my PO Box. Thank you very much.


No problem Phil! We try to be as flexible as possible for our customers. 

Ahh Best Buy… They’re the ones that in the throws of a mad rush to find an emergency replacement for a fried ethernet card at 7pm on a Friday tried to sell me a usb wireless dongle claiming that it would be hundreds of times faster then the wired gigabit PCI card they didn’t carry.

Also the only tech store that I’ve ever been escorted out of by security after exclaiming aloud that their sales person was a brainless moron. -.-

I would have escorted you out too… use either “brainless” or “moron”… together is simply redundant…

In all fairness, you shouldn’t expect too much out of the blue shirts at Best Buy… I’ve learned to be patient.  Sometimes if you play stupid you might come away with a good deal (but you have to be shrewd)… YMMV

In the BB in Columbia MO I tried describing your device and was told it didn’t exist.

In the BB in Columbia MO I tried describing your device and was told it didn't exist.

It’s just online, not in stores.  The employees there likely hadn’t heard of it.  You would get the same reaction at Wal-Mart, even though they also carry the Tablo online.

@EdHall1044 - As Snowcat said, since our product is online only, it’s unlikely the random teenager working the electronics department at Best Buy would be aware of us. We’re obviously working to change that but it’s going to take some time.

Our VP of marketing actually had the same experience asking for a Chromecast at our local BB! 

I didn’t mind so much the person not knowing. It was the arrogance and the way he raised his voice to me which caused me to be finished with them.

Anyway, I ordered a unit from NewEgg and it will be delivered tomorrow. I spent Saturday installing a high range, high gain antenna I got from Radio Shack in my attic; my wife has said she doesn’t want anything else outside (I have a weather station with instruments in multiple locations). I’m looking forward to setting it up.

@EdHall1044 - Great! Thanks for your order. We hope you enjoy your Tablo :) 

I’ll be getting my TabloTV today. 

It arrived Saturday to my PO Box but I was at Weblo Jamboree with my son all weekend. I’m his Weblo Den Leader.

So I’m going to run a new coax cable from the antenna to make sure we get a good signal then I’ll install the unit. I’ll report back on how good it works… lol