Order Never Made It To My House

I ordered my Tablo through the Tablo website. Everything was going fine until today 2/16/24. When they tried to deliver my item the tracking information stated it was an “insufficient address” and the product has to go back to Tablo. It never made it to my house. I’ve never heard of something like this before. All my info was submitted on the order. Now I have to wait for the product I never received to go back to Tablo. Then I will get my refund and then reorder another one (if I want to reorder one again). I also got it on sale, now if I reorder another one it will be full price. The employee on the phone was very nice but its frustrating to have this happen. Any suggestions and has this happened to anyone else here before???

You need to figure out with them what was wrong with your address and see if you can work with them to simply send it back with the address issue resolved.

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I’ve a similar problem. The adx is okay. Your USPS Carrier probably failed to complete the route. Rather than say RTB they give out the BS you got. This happens to me about once a week. I’ll bet your shipment shows up Saturday or Monday.