Options for Windows 10 users? Chrome is too unstable

Good afternoon everyone,

I bought a Windows 10 tablet (ASUS T100) which I’m in love with…but when I try to access live TV with my Tablo using the latest Google Chrome browser, it just stutters too much.

I’ve read it’s because Google uses its own Pepper flash. I’ve tried using the system flash in its place, but the controls are gone.

So, what are our options? Here’s what I found:

  1. Chrome --> too jerky
  2. Microsoft Edge --> was working beautifully, but now it’s broken and won’t connect
  3. Safari for Windows --> could not connect
  4. Firefox --> could not connect
  5. Opera --> haven’t tried it yet
  6. IE --> Works great, fully functional EXCEPT I cannot go full screen. This is what I’m currently using.

I’d be curious to know what other Windows 10 tablet users utilize to get smooth live tv playback. Especially sports. Thanks

Alt + Enter will take you pretty much full screen.

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Have you tried Google Chrome Canary? Seems like it’s faster than the regular chrome. Also, you may be able to fix your Edge browser… mine works perfectly on my Win 10 laptop.

I have four PCs that run Windows 10.
On two of them Tablo works like a champ in Edge; on the other two all I get is “Connection could not be established, retrying…” Cannot figure out why it won’t connect, works fine in Chrome on the same machines.

Have you tried clearing the cache, or doing a browser reset? That will usually fix most browser related problems.

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I have selected every type of data in the Edge “Clear browsing data” section and run it. I have also run Disk Cleanup in File Explorer on my C: drive.

I don’t see anywhere to do a browser reset in Edge. If I’m missing something please point me to it.


Have a look at this article… http://appuals.com/best-fix-reset-microsoft-edge-on-windows-10/

Also, I haven’t checked to see if this will work as I haven’t had to do it in Windows 10 yet, but the Control Panel is still showing the “Internet Options” feature. If you open that, and go to the “Advanced” tab, there is a “Reset” button down near the bottom.

Thanks to everyone who replied. I will try all your suggestions! :relaxed:

Ikahhan, I looked at the link but it is the same procedure I have already tried with no success. The only thing different was to kill the MicrosoftEdge.exe process so I did that as well but it made no difference. The Control Panel “Internet Options” reset refers to Internet Explorer not Edge but I tried it also but again saw no difference in results.

Same here as AceConrad. The Internet Options reset did not fix the problem in Edge.

In the end, good ol’ Internet Explorer is the way to go on a ASUS T100 Windows 10 tablet.