Options for Canada

As a long time tablo user in Southern Ontario, Canada I have a Tablo Quad legacy device. I read that the newest Tablo is currently unavailable to Canadians.

Will the soon to be released Tablo Quad ATSC 3 device be available to Canadians with or without the extra streaming channels?

If not then I will have to replace my Quad with an HDhomerun Flex or a Zapperbox.

Zapperbox already has DRM support built in through a firmware update.

I currently pick up about 20 US channels using ATSC 1 and wonder how strong ATSC3 will be.

Did you mean to say ATSC 3.0? Assuming so, I’m not sure why you think the Tablo ATSC 3.0 device is “soon to be released” as Tablo hasn’t indicated that is the case.

You’re free to choose whatever. And while ATSC 3 is still very much “up in the air” (I don’t care who the vendor is), my preference today for an old school Tablo OG experience would be to use Plex DVR. Kills potentially many birds with one stone. Remote viewing of live or recorded, automatic transcoding of the raw (not so streamable) ATSC data, lifetime multi-week guide data (Plex Pass), recording “preference” (prefer what to record in case of collision), automatic commercial cutting and/or skipping (it can do either), zero need for “extraction” if your destination was Plex (but regardless, it just stores whereever you tell it to, so you can just copy to whatever).

I mention at the end of the video about DRM (ATSC 3.0) destroying the ability for “you” to record. Let me qualify that some (Tablo) say that’s false… what I’m saying is free, unrestricted recording. It’s possible that via fees and licensing that a device (again, within restrictions) can give you some limited recording capabilities. Just realize it will not be like it is today with ATSC 1.0, unless “we win” our argument with the FCC (which may not be possible).

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What I simply want to know is will Tablo in future be available for sale to Canadians?