Option to upgrade to 4 tuner

Any option to upgrade to a 4 tuner unit, or coordinat e two 2-tuner units?

One of the things I asked for was to be able to somewhat daisy chain units at least from the UI connect to one that pulls shows from both. I think we are way off from that happening.

If you want to move to 4 tuner you will need to purchase one, no upgrade option currently that I have seen.


You can certainly have multiple units in your system, so that may be your best bet.

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Two Tablos would certainly would be one way to avoid your spouse’s crap, umm, err, shows, from filling up the disk! Just hypothetically speaking, that is. :confused:

There is no upgrade option from the 2 to the 4 Tuner however you can run multiple Tablo units on the same network.

A lot of folks who run two Tablos on their network separate it by user… So one for mom & dad and one for the kids… Or one for the wife and one for the husband. That way you’re not fighting for tuners and you know whose program is on which unit.