Option to Resume Playback needed

One thing I’ve noticed that I’m really missing is an option to Resume playback from where I left off. Not sure if its available in other interfaces, I use roku3 exclusively with my Tablo. It stinks having to fast forward through an hour of a movie or sports game if i stopped mid way through. I switched over from Aereo, and they had a nearly perfect Roku set up, maybe you guys could look at some of the features and designs that they used.

Otherwise, great product! Go on and make it perfect!

@jbrun85 - Well, hold on to your socks because that’s coming in the next release!  :-bd

Oh yeah, this has been the one feature I feel truly needs added immediately. Can’t wait! Thanks!

Awesome, thanks!

Great news! Thanks.

Yes please, this is making me crazy. My viewing habits is to watch things in parts. Also, hopefully the playback status is kept across ALL devices. So I can stop on the Roku in my living room and restart it on the one in the bedroom. 

This feature was implemented in the latest firmware release - 2.1.16.  Thanks Tablo!

You’re welcome folks!