Option to remove all DVR recordings when replacing a bad disk


Option to remove all DVR recordings when replacing a bad disk


Links to recordings on a removed disk remain on the DVR even after formatting a fresh replacement drive. A factory reset removes all recording links from the DVR, but the sledge hammer factory reset has undesired side effects.


Give the end-user the opportunity to delete all recordings on the DVR when a new drive is being formatted.

Provide a “delete all recordings” / “delete missing recordings” options via the DVR settings UI.

A related feature is the ability to delete multiple recordings directly from the recordings lists.

The current implementation allows some end users to go back to old recordings on an old disk after they start using a fresh disk. This is possibly useful, but the UI provides no clue about which recordings are ready to play, e.g. via an “available” vs. “archived” view of recordings.

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Maybe I am not understanding your post. Every time I have had a HD go bad there was no way to recover anything on it.

Many, many months ago due to a software bug there was a greater possibility of a recording entry without the actual recording data.

I thought tablo addressed this issue by incorporating an overnight maintenance script that cleaned these inconsistencies up.

I don’t know if you can do that, mate. But give support a ring, I’m sure they can help you out.

This feature request is not focused on recovering files from a bad HD, but is about installing a fresh drive onto the Tablo without having to do a factory reset to get an empty recordings list. I manually removed all of my recordings which remained on my DVR after formatting up my fresh drive.

Still, a factory reset may be the way to go when replacing a bad disk.

I understand why Tablo does not remove the recordings from the DVR when a disk is removed or turned off. The user can re-attach the drive and get back to those recordings.

On the recovery sidebar, it’s a matter of luck where your bad disk blocks land. In my case I lost some of the directory structure which meant I had more than a few missing bits of video. My problem was blaming Tablo for “failed recordings” vs. the real culprit, a soon to die ancient WD Caviar Green disk.

This is another way of saying what you said, “no [reasonable] way to recover anything”.

@JWP has a good idea.
Replacing a hard drive is unfortunate - but leaving all the recording artifacts is a real nuisance. Remove each set of recoding to clean up is slow and painful.

A “delete all recordings” would make the process way easier and cleaner.

Its likely to be more disastrous to many others than the few in the unfortunate position replacing storage.

Tablo has made claims overnight maintenance mode clean things up. While some say no it don’t.

It would be convenient but replacing storage isn’t common or routine it less likely to be more than a request… but you’re not the first.